Annotations guidelines

Users of the CDS annotations service must stick to the following guidelines :

  • The annotation service is aimed at astronomers willing to improve the scientific quality of data collected at CDS by notifying errors or complementing existing information.
    Any annotation not related to astronomical research will be removed.
  • In the spirit of scientific collaboration, users of the annotation service are strongly encouraged to provide their real identity (first and last name) and make it visible to others. Once logged in, you can edit this information.
  • Moderation: posted annotations are subject to moderation. Any inappropriate annotation will be edited or deleted by moderators.
    Users that do not follow the guidelines might see their account closed.
  • Be respectful. No insult, no bashing, no trolling. Respect other users, even if you disagree with them. Remember the goal of the service is to improve the contents of the databases.
  • Post in english. Annotations should be posted in english, in order to make them accessible for the greatest number of people.